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The Student Voice of Granville High School

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The Student Voice of Granville High School

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Mrs. Adams School Counselor
Mrs. Adams School Counselor
Peyton Goss January 26, 2024
School Counselor Mrs. Cosgrove
School Counselor Mrs. Cosgrove
Peyton Goss January 12, 2024
Aces, Lets Rant, Ep. 1
Aces, Let's Rant, Ep. 1
Alayna Kale, Sydney Ley, Alyvia Kaethow, and Lille Gaubert November 27, 2023
Me and My Experience
Me and My Experience
Peyton Goss, Reporter • November 1, 2023
Comics Corner, Ep. 1
Comics Corner, Ep. 1
Sophia Sturiano, Reporter • October 25, 2023
Old but Gold
Sevin Park January 25, 2024

Nowadays, thrifting has popped up as one of the new trends. Thrifting is not just a cheap way to buy clothes, but also a chance to start a new...

Pigmy goats Opal and Luna enjoy a snack. They are recent additions to the Land Lab, which is maintained by students enrolled in Environmental Studies.
Just ‘Kidding Around’
Peyton Goss, Reporter • December 18, 2023
The Libs of TikTok Twitter account has become increasingly popular.
Opinion: Will this be a decade of persecution?
Sophia Sturiano January 16, 2024

More and more frequently, right-wing media personalities are spreading anti-LGBT speech on widely used social media sites such as X and TikTok....

Top 10 Friends Episodes
Top 10 Friends Episodes
Lyndy Van Horn January 19, 2024

Season 4 Episode 12: The One With The Embryos While Phoebe goes to the doctors and gets inserted with embryos from her brother, Frank,...

A group of adventurers on a dungeon crawl. Art by Ryan Knobeloch at @knobeloch_arts
Dungeons and Dragons
January 17, 2024
The team presents the game ball to Coach Schroeder after the second playoff game against Bexley. At the time, they did not realize that it was his last game as the varsity coach.
Coach leaves an unforgettable legacy
Max Haley, Sports Writer • January 23, 2024

Granville football Head Coach Wes Schroeder has built a legendary legacy at Walter J. Hodges Stadium, but a new opportunity was presented to...

Mindset and Mental Health in Athletes
Max Haley, Sports Writer • January 10, 2024

In sports, athletes take on a rigorous and time consuming schedule: whether it is on a field, on a court, or in the weight room, these people...

Bella Rockwell, Maxton Messner, Aliyah Moore, Harper Annarino, Ava Labocki, Allie Messner and Lyndy Van Horn wait to sign their NIL paperwork. All seven athletes committed to playing at the collegiate level at a ceremony on Nov. 9.
Signed for College Sports
Max Haley, Writer • December 1, 2023

In an unforgettable moment of dedication and skill, seven Granville High School seniors sat down in the school gymnasium, pen in hand and dreams...

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